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The Rangihoua Story

Rangihoua Estate was founded on a challenge: make Waiheke’s first olive oil. 

Anne Stanimiroff and Colin Sayles rose to this challenge, producing the first olive oil made on Waiheke Island in 1997 from Stonyridge olives. The resulting oil was bright green, herbaceous and peppery, demonstrating the deep potential of Waiheke olives.

Our mission at Rangihoua is to educate and inspire everyone to live a lifestyle filled with the best EVOO (and we produce it!).

What We Do

Today, Rangihoua Estate manages 80% of the groves on Waiheke Island, and continues to produce extra virgin olive oil of international acclaim.

In 2013, our EVOO was ranked among the best 20 in the world by Flos Olei, the Italian Guide to the World’s Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Most recently, Flos Olei awarded Ranghioua a 98/100 in 2019 and 2020, placing us in the Top 3 rankings worldwide.

In addition, we have been awarded many Gold and Silver awards both locally and internationally. 

We operate tours & tastings all year round concentrating on educating the public about olive oil. We want to show you why Waiheke deserves its reputation as the olive centre of Aotearoa, what sets our olive oil apart, and how best to use it to enhance your food. 

Call us now to arrange a visit and enjoy a tasting or order some of our olive oils online.

Producing Olive Oil
Fresh Olive Oil

The Legend Of Rangihoua

Aotearoa New Zealand was settled by the tangata whenua over 600 years ago, and many place names throughout the country today signify important cultural and historical events.

In the 14th century, the great Te Arawa waka, captained by Tamatekapua, came to shore at Waiheke Island at the end of a long oceanic voyage. Here, Tamatekapua rested and relashed Te Arawa before continuing to the Coromandel Peninsula. The site of his rest henceforth became known as Te Rangihoua, meaning “the day of renewal”.

Today, Rangihoua is home to the main olive grove of over 1,000 trees, as well as the Frantoio tasting room.

About Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island is a small island situated in the Hauraki Gulf off the coast of Auckland. Home to only 9,000 permanent residents, Waiheke is a small island paradise amidst the harbour of Aotearoa’s busiest city.

Described as a little Mediterranean jewel nestled in the Hauraki Gulf, the unique climate conditions of Waiheke make it the perfect site for growing grapes and olives alike. Unlike the humid mainland Auckland, the micro-climate of Waiheke has long, dry and hot summers essential for ripening olives.