three olive oil bottles
Frantoio Blend 2021

A grassy, peppery aroma with hints of toasted nuts. Initially the taste is creamy pine nuts then green capsicum, rocket with a black pepper finish. The anti-oxidant levels are sure to be very high.

A blend of Frantoio and Pendolino. The aroma of this blend is freshly cut grass. It tastes initially quite creamy with a spicy / chilli finish.

See the Tasting Notes below.

Wonderful drizzled on pasta, red meats and great on Greek salads and mushrooms – or just on warm bread or toast!

Multi-award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil – see our awards below

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three olive oil bottles
Koroneiki 2021


This year the Koroneiki has a very fruit aroma of green banana, passionfruit and hay.

The initial taste is banana, then apple, nasturtium and a lingering radish finish.

Light and oh so floral, this oil dances on the palate and conjures up images of ancient feasts, flower gardens and rolling meadows.

Great with tomatoes, pasta, and any Asian style salads or vegetable dishes. Also amazing on warm bread, just savour the taste!

See below to read the tasting notes and awards for this stunning and limited edition Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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three olive oil bottles
Picual 2021

This aroma is like celery, tomato leaf and caramel. The taste is creamy caramel nuts, tomato building to watercress and a lingering peppery finish. The anti-oxidant levels are sure to be very high.

A single varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil made from Picual olives. Smooth and buttery, our Picual is always a favourite for its fruity notes.

See Tasting Notes below.

Fantastic drizzled on red meats, salad dressings, and great to use for marinades for barbecued vegetables or meats.

Multi-award winning olive oil – see awards below.

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three olive oil bottles
Waiheke Blend 2021

Freshly mowed grass, mint and artichoke is the aroma. Tastes like apples, mint and pepper with a creamy base. The finish is persistent black pepper. The anti-oxidant levels are sure to be very high.

Initially, this blend was created only from the Olives grown at Stonyridge Vineyard but now cuttings from these trees have been established at Rangihoua and one other grove on Waiheke to create this most unique blend. The trees are believed to be Verdale, Mission and Ascalano.

The oil has a good creamy finish and is delicious for dipping, aioli and on green beans, asparagus, mesclun salad and white meat. A versatile EVOO which can be used in most culinary applications.

See Tasting Notes below.

Our Waiheke Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been a consistent winner notably “supreme Champion” winner in 2012 and in 2014 and 2016, voted Gold & Best In Class winner – see awards below.

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olive oil taste pack
Olive Oil 3x 100ml Taster Pack

Sample all of our award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oils with this taster pack which includes three different* 100ml olive oil bottles.

Read the Tasting Notes below and get ready to Excite Your Taste Buds!


The pack contains:

  • 1 x 100ml Frantoio Blend
  • 1 x 100ml Waiheke Blend
  • 1 x 100ml Koroneiki
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