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Artisan Food at the Waiheke Olive Festival

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Picture yourself on a rug, on the grass-lawn… You’re with your friends / family / loved ones, the sun is shining, the music is playing and gently drifting on the breeze, glass of wine in one hand and punnet of stuffed olives in the other…. Good times!

You’re feeling a little hungry because there’s some seriously yummy food on offer from the Artisan food vendors. But what are you going to choose?  A hard choice indeed because they all look and smell amazing – so our recommendation is that perhaps you should try EVERYTHING!!

Below is a handy guide to help you decide which delightful treats to try at the Waiheke Olive Festival that takes place at Rangihoua Estate on 22nd and 23rd November, from 11am to 5pm (both days).  Also on offer, is a wide range of live music, a range of informative seminars and of course, delicious olive tastings.

Children under 12 enter free when accompanied by an adult – and tickets are just $15 per day.  all in all it’s sure to be a great day out – so we can’t wait to see you!



Artisan Food Producers

Waiheke Herbs at Olive and Artisan Food Festival
Waiheke Herbs

Waiheke Herbs Platters

Delicious “Taste of Waiheke” platters featuring Waiheke Herb Spread, Jenny’s Tamarind Chutney, Ringawera Ciabatta, Rangihoua Olives and Extra Virgin Olive oil – with Kikorangi Blue and Mahurangi Brie Cheeses – perfect for sharing with a friend accompanied by a glass of superb Waiheke red or white wine. http://www.waihekeherbs.co.nz/


Urban Escargot

Urban Escargot

Nico’s catering with French flair will provide delicacies such as escargots in their shells with garlic butter, gourmet coriander and ginger mussel fritters and its acclaimed hit, caramelised pork belly burger and pomegranate salsa.  Delicieux! http://www.urbanescargot.co.nz or https://www.facebook.com/urbanescargot.co.nz


Ruby’s Coffee Co.

Offering freshly roasted ‘Island Coffee’ along with delicious local pastry treats from our famous local Francos Bakery.


South American Oven
South American Oven

South American Oven

Food is a very strong part of every culture and we want to share our South American food culture with the community we live in. It all started with building our own ovens, which are buil mostly from recycled materials.

All our meats are slow-cooked in our handmade oven. We offer a choice of lamb, pork and beef served on ciabatta rolls with tasty sauces, plus empanadas (Argentinian filled pastry) with wonderful meat and vegetarian fillings.




DragonFire Pizza

Delicious wood fire pizzas voted Top Artisan Pizza by VIVA.

Italian wood-fired pizzas and Mexican bread pockets which are all organic, and with a choice of an array of fresh ingredients. Also serving North Italian organic polenta plate – made with gluten-free cornmeal. This is served with seasonal greens, olives, artichokes, feta cheese, capers and salsa.



Ice Queen
Ice Queen

Ice Queen

Ice Queen gelato is a unique product freshly made in small batches on beautiful Waiheke Island. It is made from a range of high quality ingredients including certified organic products and locally sourced fruit. I am committed to producing a healthy treat, whilst ensuring to leave only the smallest footprint on the island and our planet.

Ice Queen gelato has less fat than other ice cream and is denser, which produces a stronger flavour and a clean taste on the palate. I do not use artificial colouring or flavouring. All my gelato is 100% gluten and egg free, the sorbets are 100% vegan. I have gluten free cones available and know exactly what is in the gelato so people with allergies take no risk.


  • Sorbets:   100% vegan & gluten free: Lemon, Lemon & Mint, Grapefruit, Feijoa, Peach, Apricot, Strawberry, Plum, Black Currant
  • Dairy: 100% egg & gluten free: Vanilla, Ripple, Banana, Spirulina & Banana, Mocca, Almond, Hazelnut, Rum & Raisin, Cinnamon, Chocolate



Waiheke Juice Revolution

Waiheke juice-revolution
Juice Revolution

Fresh GREEN JUICE delivered live and kicking from the garden to you!

Mission: To improve the lives of my clients through increased energy and better health gained from consuming LIVE GREEN JUICE!

Description: A Waiheke island based fresh juice company delivering GREEN JUICE sourced from local Waiheke gardens where possible all N.Z grown. Our menu includes MegaGreen Juice, carrot, Apple, ginger, juice, vege juice,  cacao coconut smoothies, fresh berry smoothies, fruit whips and much much more!




Waiheke Wines featuring Kennedy Point and Woodside Hill vineyards, plus a range of beer and soft drinks.


Olive Skincare and Bodycare

The Simunovic Estate olive range of skincare will be available to try and buy. On the Saturday of the festival, representatives from the Simunovic range will be there with professional advice and assistance.



Olive Groves:


Kennedy Point

Visit Kennedy Point’s stall at the Olive Festival this year and sample our ORGANIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil. There will also be a gorgeous range of gift packs available for purchase.


Matiatia Grove

Producers of one of New Zealand’s best Extra Virgin Olive Oils.  Fresh, healthy and delicious, this year’s oil won a two Gold medals, two Best of Class and a Silver award in the prestigious 2014 Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition.


Number 29 ‘number  29’

One of the Islands smallest groves but creating lots of noise! Not only is the oil very well ‘Awarded’, ever since our first productive harvest 12 years ago, but its packaging is exciting and of the highest level. There is a package type to suit all!  So if it’s your Christmas gifts or give aways, we will solve it. We are served in selected prestigious restaurants in Auckland. We love doing what we are doing and that shows in the product and packaging. See you at the Olive Festival, Prue & Grahame Taylor.


Rangihoua Estate

Consistently  producing some of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil in New Zealand and the world. www.rangihoua.co.nz Delicious tastings of this year’s outstanding range of 2014 Waiheke Island EVOOS (Extra Virgin Olive Oils) including 7 International Gold medals and 3 Best In Class awarded at the Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition.


Ticket entry includes:

Tastings of some of the best Waiheke Island 2014 Extra Virgin Olive Oils

  • Olives-  from Tree to Table Seminars – daily from 11am to 1pm hosted by Industry Experts:
  • 11am – The Tree – learn more about growing Olives successfully at home.
  • 11.45am – Olives – What Next – Table Olives or Oil? How to pickle or make your own oil.
  • 12.15pm – The Mediterranean Diet – discover the taste and health benefits of including NZ Extra Virgin Olive Oil in your diet.

Live Music from 1pm -5pm each day: