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Harvest News

It’s Harvest time at Rangihoua!

The arrival of Rangihoua 2017 range of EVOO is imminent – with the harvest well underway.

As usual, our harvest team is a group of colourful internationals, Paula & Nacho from Argentina, Daria & Nico from Italy, and Dunja from Slovenia, Roxy from California and leading the team, Anne.

This season we have had some extraordinary weather events which led to some groves being down in volume. We had record rainfall in March 322mm, the most ever since records began in 1914. In April we had a further 271mm of rain which was the most since 1968.

Darryl, the processing manager is toiling away alongside Colin keeping the mill running and the oil flowing.

Very soon Anne and Darryl will do the Assemblage Tasting, and bottling for the 2017 oils will begin.

Despite the harvest being delayed for two weeks, we have since had some long sunny spells on Waiheke to ripen the fruit.

Initial tastings of the first extract of Frantoio revealed a fresh tasting, grassy, lightly fruity oil with high levels of polyphenols, indicated by its strong peppery finish.

All of our 2017 oils will be available to purchase in our online shop stay tuned for more!


Video of previous harvesting Courtesy of Baz Caitcheon

Images courtesy of Agustin Photography