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Waiheke Cub Scouts at Rangihoua Estate

The Waiheke Cub Scouts came for a visit to Rangihoua to help us with some picking, had a tour and some tasting!

Good fun all round and Cubs Scouts leader Sol Harris said ;

Our group of about 20 children and parents really enjoyed our recent visit to Rangihoua.  Cubs love to discover new things and that is exactly what SCOUTS NZ and the Waiheke Sea Scouts is all about – to encourage adventure, education and a diverse experience of our community in a safe and positive way. We rely on the generosity of local businesses, organisations, community leaders, elders and other groups to help us inspire our youth and encourage them to learn and develop healthy habits and interests.  Our trip to Rangihoua was a delicious and tasty way to learn about olives, how olive oil is made, its health properties and the environmental sustainability practiced here at Rangihoua Estate.  Thank you for having us!

Olive Oil Tasting

The Waiheke Cubs group is part of the Waiheke Sea Scouts that has a number of “packs” catering for children between the age of 5 – 16 and upwards.

After picking some olives from several olive trees at Rangihoua, the cubs enjoyed a presentation from Anne Stanimiroff, one of the founders of Rangihoua, followed by a video explanation of how olive oil is pressed.

The group then played a “taste testing” game to see which of them could identify the different oils, with Anne explaining to the group that each oli had different flavours, ranging from “pepperry, to grassy, to flowers, delicate, creamy and fruity, with hints of red apple,  green banana and one with a slight chilli finish”.

Needless to say, the group of twenty cubs were hungry by then and managed to finish off several loaves of bread, dipped into the delicious oils.

Most of the groups got at least one oil right, with one group correctly identifying all three oils; Waiheke Blend, Picual and Frantoio Blend.

Anne said of the cubs

“It’s great that Sol and the Leaders are doing this kind of thing for the island’s children because it’s a wonderful way for them to learn. I am always pleased to help and support great parents and thank the Scouts group for visiting us!”

More about Waiheke Sea Scouts Here: https://waihekeseascouts.org.nz