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Rangihoua Olive Oil With Free Shipping in the USA

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Olive Oil with Free Shipping
The Kiwi Importer

Great news for our North American customers and fans wanting Olive Oil with Free Shipping in the USA – Rangihoua Extra Virgin Olive Oil is now available in the US through Kiwi Importer, who are based in Houston.

“The Kiwi Importer offers expedited delivery to customers since we already have the product on stock,” says The Kiwi Importer CEO Sarah Ayala. “This is great for US consumers who love olive oil because it is now available here with fast shipping and a competitive price.” There are currently two oils available, the Frantoio and Waiheke blends, both offered in 250ml bottles.

Rangihoua is pleased to be able to assist our North American customers – many of whom have visited us and purchased our award winning olive oils during their New Zealand vacation.  Naturally, once you’ve run out of such delicious oil, you want to order more – but of course the product and bottle weight can mean the shipping cost from NZ to the USA can be quite expensive.

Olive Oil With Free Shipping in the USA

Since the Kiwi Importer has already shipped the oil to the USA from New Zealand, our US customers can now more easily purchase our Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) products without the additional shipping costs.  The Kiwi Importer currently offers the Rangihoua Olive Oil with Free Shipping if you spend over $35 (USD) and charges a very affordable shipping fee if you spend less – currently free shipping in the US for orders over $35, or $5 flat rate for orders under $35.

About the Waiheke Blend and Frantoio Blend

“The Frantoio Blend is more classic tasting with a creamy almond base note. The Waiheke Blend is stronger and greener tasting with a longer peppery finish,” said Anne Stanimiroff, the founder of Rangihoua Estate. “To me the Waiheke Blend tastes like New Zealand: green and fresh!”  For tasting notes, you can take a look here and here.

In 2013, Rangihoua Estate was ranked ‘Best 20 in the World’ by Flos Olei – The Italian Guide to the World’s Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Each year both International and National Gold medals have been awarded to the Rangihoua range of EVOOs.

“The aroma that is released as one opens the new bottle smells like olives and not a vegetable oil,” says Ayala, a native of New Zealand who now calls Houston home. “This is a wonderful topping for any tossed salad.” The oils contain high levels of antioxidants, monounsaturated fats (good fats), polyphenols, Omega 3 and Vitamin E. Just what the doctor ordered – especially as this Olive Oil with Free Shipping is now available directly from the US!

About The Kiwi Importer

The Kiwi Importer provides unique and natural products from New Zealand and other countries to healthy and socially conscious consumers in the USA. Based in Richmond, Texas, the company provides products from Manuka honey to Habanero hot sauce to Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Visit our website at http://www.kiwiimporter.com or follow us on Twitter @kiwi_importer or Instagram @kiwiimporter