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New Eco Friendly Packaging

At Rangihoua we are very aware and concerned about our environmental footprint! How could we not be?

We understand and realise more than anyone (perhaps?) how Olive Trees and the fruit react to the environment. A good growing season means a good yield and that translates to a higher chance of our oils having a better quality anti-oxidant levels – which in turn means better taste, increased popularity and more chance of winning awards!

Conversely if the growing season is too wet, the soil is not good, temperatures are too hot or cold – or if there are other undesirable conditions – we know the yield will suffer and everything else will too.

We are proud of our “olive farm” and how we treat our land, the fruit, the people – our team, the process and the delicate ecosystems that surround all of these.

So it was always difficult to feel good about sending our products all over the world enclosed in styrofoam, which is not a nice product for the environment.

New Eco Friendly Packaging

We have finally broken free of the big white plastic! It is with great pleasure that we announce our adoption of more eco friendly packaging.  We’ve spent a fair while perfecting these – and there will be more to come… Some of our “gift packs” won’t currently be available to ship until we’ve perfected the packages for them – but they are on the way!  And we definitely do have the packs for all of our Olive oil bottles, from 100ml through to 500ml.

So if you wondered what happened to some of our taster packs that have currently been taken down from the online shop, worry not! They will be back, once we have all of the right sized cartons in store.

Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy our new packs!