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2018 Olive Oils Now Available

Rangihoua's Darryl Beech checking out the 2018 Olive Oils
Darryl Beech, Rangihoua’s processing manager and operator – checking out the 2018 Olive Oils

Our 2018 Olive Oils (EVOO or Extra Virgin Olive Oil) range is finally available. Hooray!

This year was a great harvest with abundant fruit, sunshine, and an excellent group of people making sure we produce a product of exceptional quality, from picking to processing.

Once again, the Rangihoua harvest attracted an international team of enthusiastic and interesting young people. Rangihoua processing manager and operator Darryl Beech did an amazing job processing our beautiful 2018 Olive Oils with great care and passion. Thank you, Darryl .

2018 Olive Oils

The 2018 Olive Oils range is similar to last year’s but more complex.

Darryl and I count ourselves lucky that, as a result of the abundant harvest, we had a good variety to taste. This led us to putting together some very complex EVOO blends with many levels dazzling the taste buds.

That all sounds a bit flowery, but we believe the main thing is that our 2018 Olive Oils taste fresh, delicious and diverse. The first EVOO competitions are coming up in September so we will see how we compare to the rest of the world then – and, of course, we’ll let you know!

We will be selling 500ml bottles of our 2018 Olive Oils for a limited time only, so don’t delay – buy your 500ml bottles today in the shop.

To all our North American customers – don’t forget you can now order our lovely 2018 Olive Oils direct from Houston – kiwi  Our lovely Kiwi Importer, Sarah – should have fresh stock (2018 Olive Oils) available by early August.

With our 2017 EVOO stock in short supply, we do hope you managed to ‘eke-out’ any that you had until now. Many of you contacted us to secure an order of the 2018 which got us thinking that perhaps we should create a standing order system for those who want to be the first to receive our new release EVOO each year. If this is something that could work for you, please update your newsletter subscription to indicate your interest and we will be in touch.


Certificate of Excellence

Recently, we gained a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor which is a brilliant endorsement of our wonderful Tasting Room team here at Rangihoua. Our comprehensive tastings and tours wow most of our visitors, so if you live on Waiheke – or even in New Zealand – or simply just have friends visiting here – make sure they know to find us and pop in.

Visit Rangihoua


EVOO Health & Wellbeing

Gut health is now the focus of many studies and research into our health and wellbeing.

In the latest Healthy Food Guide, an interesting article titled Healthy Gut, Happy Mind talks about how a healthy gut promotes a happy mood.

The article goes on to list good quality EVOO as one of the foods recommended as part of the Mediterranean diet to promote a healthy gut and mind.

Read it here and then head to our online store to buy some 2018 Olive Oils


Finally, roll on Spring. We can’t wait to throw open the French doors and watch our visitors enjoy a wine tasting from The Hay Paddock in the courtyard, after they’ve tried our lovely EVOOs.

Meanwhile, we’re still open 362 days a year, so don’t be a stranger 🙂

So long for now,

Anne and The Team.