Rangihoua's Product Range showcased in front of an olive tree

We grow over 10 different varieties of olives on Waiheke, which we harvest, process and blend (or not blend) into our four different oils;

Koroneiki – a Greek olive that comes from the Kalamata region.  So that we can capture it’s unique taste, it is harvested and processed separately as a single varietal oil.

Picual – a Spanish olive that is also kept as a single varietal oil. It has a very intense green colour and equally intense earthy flavour. 

Frantoio Blend – a blend of Italian olives: Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino and Morialo. It is very reminiscent of a Tuscan olive oil.

Waiheke Blend – a unique blend to Waiheke Island as it combines Ascalano (Italian) Verdale ( French) and Mission. It is a very complex oil that is popular because of its fresh green, robust traits.

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